Raspberry Ketones Max for Effective Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketones Max for Effective Weight Loss

Raspberry ketones maxThe creators of Raspberry Ketones have released a new product called Raspberry Ketones Max. This health food supplement is the latest and greatest in nutritional supplement and weight loss. Raspberry Ketones Max is famous because of its ability to assist in weight loss. When this weight loss supplement was introduced, it was a huge a success. Everyone seemed to want a piece of this action. Other sites have claimed that because Raspberry Ketones was getting wonderful endorsements and customer testimonials, this is another reason why this new product is getting a lot of attention both online and offline.


What Is Raspberry Ketones Max And How Does It Work

Raspberry Ketones Max is the latest health food and a weight loss aid. Ketone is the enzyme that gives Raspberries their awesome smell. Scientists have discovered that the Ketone enzyme helps to speed up your metabolism and also works on other proteins in your system to speed it up also. Finding ways to get your metabolism to perform faster by eating certain foods and participating in certain activities, exercise, sports or every a half hour brisk walk. When your metabolism speeds up it focuses on burning the fat cells within your body.

Ketones, the enzyme in Raspberries is a little like getting enough iron. Sometimes changing your diet is not enough; you might need an iron supplement or an infusion. If you were to eat Raspberries to get enough of the enzyme, you would probably be there for a week and spend most of that time in the bathroom. You would have to eat thousands of Raspberries to achieve what Ketones enzymes can do for you. Scientists have isolated the Ketone enzyme element and when you take your tablet you are getting 500 mg of Raspberry Ketone.


What Ingredients Are In This Product?

It contains raspberry ketones, green tea (decaffeinated), chromium, l-theanine and caffeine. Besides raspberry ketones, this product contains 550 mg of green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants and it helps to burn fat easily. The chromium transfers sugar to the blood stream which turns it into energy. Chromium also increases the speed at which sugars in your body turn into energy. L-Theanine helps with stress and anxiety, which if you suffer from either or both, it could be why you are having trouble shedding the weight. The caffeine is also an energy booster and enhances your metabolism. So basically all these ingredients work together to speed up your metabolism.

Concern about Side Effects?

The only concern people seemed to report was the caffeine. Some individuals cannot sleep when they have caffeine or caffeine simply does not agree with them. You may feel extra energy which in turn might make you feel tired at the end of the day. This is actually not a bad side effect as you should sleep well.


How Effective is Raspberry Ketones Max?

It has been reported as very effective. If you take it as directed, make sure you try to eat a balanced diet and exercise, the weight should start to fall off. Many customers have reported results in the first couple of weeks. If you do not have scales, pay attention to how your clothes fit you, that is when you will know that you are losing the weight.


Directions for Use

The usual dosage is 1 tablet twice per day. Take your tablet about a half hour before you eat. If you are concerned about the caffeine keeping you awake, perhaps take the first tablet early in the morning and then again in the afternoon, and stay away from coffee, cola, chocolate or anything with caffeine for the rest of the day.


Where Can I Purchase Raspberry Ketones Max

You can purchase it online at many sites in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia. It is available in health food stores in Australia and the product is manufactured in Australia too. It is priced at $29.95 at Amazon, however if you shop around you may get a bargain. The bottle contains 60 tablets, so that is a one month supply. If it were me, I would go try out some of those discount chemists or health food stores, if you have one or two in your area.


Potential Side Effects

The only negative I encountered was the caffeine. It contains 400 mg, now I have no idea how much that is as I can drink coffee all day, all night. If you are a coffee drinker, you will probably be fine with it, but if you are intolerant to caffeine and just cannot drink it at all, then I would recommend you have a look and see if there is something similar without the caffeine or with less caffeine. Perhaps there is a lower strength product with less caffeine.

And one other little niggle was that one site said that there was 500 mg of ketones enzymes and all the rest said 300 mg. Amazon did have different strengths on sale there, so perhaps that’s the answer to that concern.



This seems like a pretty good product and is definitely one I will try if I decide I should lose some weight. The caffeine is not a bother for me as I love coffee, and drink it all night while I write and I drink a lot of Coke too. A few years ago I was almost 90 kg which is almost 180 pounds. This product might have been great to test then; however since my illness, I have dropped a lot of weight. I will however be recommending this to my friend who is looking for something effective to help her lose weight.

To learn more about Raspberry Ketone Max, Please visit the official site here.