Green Coffee Bean Max Review

Green Coffee Bean Max Review

green coffee bean max supplementIn this Green Coffee Bean Max Review, the ingredients will be considered, as well as various side effects where you can buy it, and whether it really helps a person lose weight.

Claims have been made about the product that it is safe, helps promote weight loss, has no additives and increases fat oxidation.

Green Coffee Beans, which are used in various extracts, including Green Coffee Bean Max, have not been roasted, as coffee beans are traditionally before drinking. Before someone drinks a cup of coffee, beans have been cooked at 475 degrees Fahrenheit. That may be fine if you want to drink a cup, but reportedly the beans lose 90% of Chlorogenic acid, the primary component that is supposed to burn fat after roasting. Many believe that when Green Coffee Beans are 100% pure, they represent a significant scientific breakthrough in weight loss and natural health.

Green Coffee Bean Max It is difficult to find specific studies about Green Coffee Bean Max, but there are a lot of studies about Green Coffee Bean extracts in general, which the product is, on products which have similar amounts of Chlorogenic acid, possibly less than Green Coffee Bean Max has. Some studies have shown that Green Coffee Beans inhibit the absorption of fat, help activate fat metabolism in the liver, thus helping support weight loss.They naturally inhibit glucose from being released into the blood, especially after eating and may help people lose weight for this reason. Chlorogenic acid may raise body heat, which may contribute to fat loss. It is also possible they reduce the creation of new fat cells because of a superior anti-oxidant effect.

Two major questions are does Green Coffee Bean Max work to help weight loss, and is it safe? First, does it work?

Dr. Oz a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author and television personality, with a national following in the United States on television and internationally, where he gives medical advice, examined the subject of Green Coffee Beans and weight loss on his show, but did not examine a specific product.

For his television show, 100 women from 35-49, who were overweight, not pregnant and were without major medical issues, such as diabetes, heart trouble or stroke were used to examine Green Coffee Bean extract in a study. Each woman received Green Coffee Bean extract or a placebo and was told to take 400 mg capsules, three times a day, 30 minutes before each meal.

green coffee bean extractNo participants knew whether they had taken the beans or a placebo. Each person was told not to change her diet and to keep a food journal to show what she was eating. After two weeks, each woman was weighed. The group of women, who took the extract, lost an average of two pounds. The women who took the placebo lost one pound, on average. Dr. Oz believes the placebo group may have lost some weight because keeping a food journal made them more aware of their diet.

Dr. Oz did not promote any brand of Green Coffee Bean extract. He did encourage viewers to only buy Green Coffee Bean products if they contain 45% or more of Chlorogenic acid and to not buy products that have less, because products that have less have not been tested. He also encouraged people to not buy products that do not list ingredients. Green Coffee Bean Max contains 50% Chlorogenic acid.

There have been a number of other studies which show that Green Coffee Beans may help promote weight loss. Other than Doctor Oz, the best known one was published in a scholarly journal, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy. The research examined people who took a high dose of Green Coffee Bean extract for two weeks (1050 mg), a low dose (700 mg) and a placebo. The study showed a loss of weight, body fat percent, body mass and small decreases in heart rate for those taking the extract. While not every expert agrees on the effectiveness of using Green Coffee Bean extract to lose weight, there are a number of studies, including the one in the journal mentioned, which seem to indicate it does or can. Some have pointed out that some of the studies which show its benefits were made by companies which sell various Green Coffee Bean extracts, however.

Another question people may wonder about is whether Green Coffee Bean Max is safe. The Health Food Post reported online that research on the topic is limited. It added, however, that no adverse side effects from using Green Coffee Beans have been reported. Studies so far have been small pilot studies. They have not been reviewed by their peers. The journal added that more research needs to be done on the subject. Another study however, showed some people dropped out of a test on a Green Coffee Bean extract because of headaches and urinary tract infection. Because the study was small, however some believe that may have been a coincidence. Green Coffee Bean extracts, including Green Coffee Bean Max, contain caffeine, which causes side effects in some, such as anxiety and rapid heartbeat.

Green Coffee Bean Max has been advertised in USA Today,, MSNNBC and on the BBC. Where can it be purchased in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK?

It can be purchased on the company’s website in all of those countries. A variety of packages and prices are offered. A six month supply is offered for $119.70, which includes a 50% savings. A three month supply is offered for $79.85, which includes a $40 discount and a savings of 34%. A one month supply is offered for $39.95. There are also sometimes free bonuses added, such as a free membership in the Weight Management Club, which represents a $49.95 value, two weight loss e-books, which represent a $29.95 value and a $25 e-gift card.

The website also stresses that the product is promoted by doctors. The Chlorogenic acid, which helps promote weight loss is found in a variety of plants, but there are especially high concentrations in Green Coffee Beans.

There are a number of testimonials on the site from satisfied clients.